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It's time for Rebirth and Reinvention

MAYBE YOU NEED A TAROT INTERVENTION! Visit me in person at my beautiful Enchanted Tarot Barn or visit me virtually via zoom or private messenger.

The DeathXIII card of the Tarot tells you to DETOX.. Reinvent yourself.. Renew.. Cleanse.. Sage.. write on a brand new page.. Start a brand new life.. today.. My Tarot Sessions will help you make necessary changes for your own GOOD. It's time

Maybe after partying all during the Bike Rally or Celebrating graduations, birthdays, weddings, etc you need to take time to CELEBRATE YOU.. Remember .. your body is your temple.. treat it as such.

Call or text me at 843-575-7767. You will treasure your Tarot Reading and it is an investment. $40.00 Spend an hour with me and you will truly see. #tarotbyjennifer #jennifertarot

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